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Collections Enforcement Section 150 E. Gay St., 21st Fl. Columbus, OH 43215 Telephone: (614) 466-8360 www.ag.state.oh.us REQUEST FOR PAYOFF INFORMATION to be completed by realtor or title company
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here's what else is happening Ohio's Attorney General was in our area today with a pointed message for groups fighting over the state's new energy bill mark Namek explains what all this means to you if you're watching this then you've likely seen the ads that are part of a political fight over Ohio's new energy bill which affects every household in the state if someone approaches you with a petition to allow you to vote on corporate bailouts sign it don't open the door and let them harm Ohio tell them no decline to sign the new law cut some fees on your monthly electric bill that used to support green energy but it adds a new charge to support the state's nuclear power plants the group that thinks the new fee is a bailout for the nuclear industry wants to repeal the law but it first needs a couple hundred thousand signatures before it can put a statewide referendum before voters the other group the one that supports the nuclear power industry wants voters to ignore the repeal effort and it continues to make unfounded claims that repealing the law will allow the Chinese government to gain some control over Ohio's power supply it has been sending paid campaign workers to the same places where the other side has workers collecting signatures this has led to a couple of documented scuffles the bickering between the two sides has caught the attention of Attorney General Dave Yost the bottom line here is knock it off people that oppose this referendum have a First Amendment right to oppose it and to speak out but that right ends where intimidation and coercion begin the group that wants to repeal the bill faces in October 21st deadline mark Namek 3 News